Late Night Sketches with the Devil

my sketch list of recents & not so recents.

This is a long list. Are you ready? Okay… Bird Trouble design sketches for Arie & Seasick Mama‘s bags, practicing girls, making crazy faces I remember seeing on the Broadway bus in Chicago, a thought of a female moonshiner I imaged in my head while I walked home from the lake, more eyeballs MOREEEE, stylish lady with cool hair accessories & tattoos, possibly a woman I used to see standing at Broadway & Wilson in Chicago – or – possibly hair I remember from the salon & the craving to blow bubbles, a car that I remember being in but can’t quite remember who owned it, seashells from my trip to South Carolina earlier this year, my bedroom in Chicago so I can index card it and put it in my brain’s filing cabinet labeled : places I’ve lived, a page filled with shapes and colors and lines and stuff when I was at Electric Forest (oh of course), and some watercolor doodles reminiscing about kites & Montrose hill that I did my second week in Ajijic.

Here’s a song to melt to while you scroll through.

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