Style Saturday // Jade & Blossom Tote, Basic T, & Jeans Way Old

Today’s outfit is a Bird Trouble Jade & Blossom Tote Bag, a basic vintage marijuana leaf cotton t-shirt found at the Renegade Handmade Chicago in 2012 (catch this year’s this weekend- the 7th & 8th!), a pair of jeans that have to it’s last threads, and leather boots that need to be repaired ASAP. I’m in the middle of a war between throwing these jeans out. They’re about 5 years old from Deliahs. There are holes in the knees; I know one is from my bike accident a few years ago, the others I don’t know. There’s a hole under the butt cheeks. See why I’m in a war? I just can’t. I’m just too comfy to give it up. Same with my boots! I don’t want to give up on them. Someone just give me some contact glue, I’ll fix it, damn it.

I applied for entrance to Mexico Fashion Week earlier this week. Just imagining being in the presence of all that creativity and style excites me. It’s in Mexico city and is in less than a month. My bag is already full of disposable cameras, notebooks, and tape recorders in my imagination.



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