Adventuring in Ajijic

As I’m adjusting, life feels like how it’s supposed feel, how it feels right now.  I have to admit that I miss being able to see my friends, but there is going to be nothing more gratifying when I can afford to travel see them  I’ll be sharing photos of my Mexico adventures on my blog every Monday & Tuesday now.  My new enjoyable habit is walking around town with a camera.  I want to capture & document all my new surroundings.  The town that I’m in right now, Ajijic, has so much damn pretty stuff to look at – everywhere.  Once I find a home in Guadalajara, it’s going to be THE SAME FEELINGS because IT’LL BE NEW TOO.  Cool.

PS. Now that I’m doing this full-time. I consider myself all serious and shit… so things are going to get real serious, and stuff.  Yeah. ❤ Have a wonderful weekend & enjoy the post.



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