I released an exciting new idea for my blog through my Facebook, Tumblr, & Instagram today.  I had to share it first because I’m really excited about it.  If you work in a creative field, check it out because it will benefit you!  I’ll be sharing it on my blog soon but you can get dibs if you’re reading this before.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mexico is still hot and I still don’t have to wear anything else but band shirts and cut-off shorts. That mean mug is just me staring off into my personal oblivion.  That look that is as natural as it gets and is what I probably look like on all my day walks to the lake with my headphones on.  There’s nothing new there.

You can’t even see my jean shorts in these photos.  They really are there.  They’re short because I shredded the legs off of a pair of high-waisted mom jeans I found thrifting and the fringe just keeps unraveling.  The Only Ones shirt was purchased from Ebay some long time ago.  I threw out most of my shirts that weren’t band or vintage shirts when I was packing… the others just didn’t have a place in my heart.  Plus, you can’t fit a lot of stuff in a Ford Explorer when you’re moving your whole studio with your wardrobe to another country.  I’m obsessed with my boots… even though the sole at the toe is tearing away from the shoe itself, the leather shoe laces have had better days (some parts aren’t even leather anymore- just a string), and I don’t even know what happened to the insoles so if you ever look inside of them, don’t ask.

I have to walk down to this restaurant and pay the remaining of my bill that I was 12 pesos short for the other day.  I think I might get a Dirty Chai while I’m out too.  Today my dad is having his friends over for home cooked food and drinks in a few hours… which is a treat because I don’t want to cook & I could really use a few beers after all my late nights of working this week.

Have a wonderful weekend xx



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