Photos: AJIJIC IN SATURATIONS ++ recent projects

Soaking in & admiring my surroundings on my walks to the plaza or to the lake, or coming back from hiking. I’ve been in Ajijic for almost two weeks now. It’s recently been hard to keep track of time & what day it is since I have no other real commitments other than working on projects. I really actually am enjoying the feeling of not knowing though. I’ve been finishing a lot of projects recently. I signed up to do the markets here in Ajijic starting in October. It’s the 3rd Sunday of each month, but I’m not sure how many months it will run yet. I’m looking forward to showing my work here. I have a lot of work to do. Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been playing with;

Special thanks to my rad jewelry designer girl fran from Chicago, Arie (designer & owner of Flux of Feathers). She gifted me the trinket & conchos set in the second to last photo and the muskrat fur in the first photo.



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