A BIRD TROUBLE MAKEOVER + “Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

“Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”
I added that quote to the BT Tumblr some time recently. It might have been when we were driving through Texas.

Tyler and I made it to Mexico! We arrived the evening of the 14th, just hours before the 15th, which happens to be my birthday. My dad graced me with 3 beers & a shot of tequila, leaving me pretty defeated on the 15th. Little did that tequila know… I actually needed a day of relaxation. Silly tequila.

We’ve been settling in to our new environment pretty well. I’m currently staying at my dads in a little mountain town called Ajijc. Everything is beautiful. My dad’s house is peaceful. There’s a mountain behind me & a lake in front of me. People are nice. They call you by your name. A lot of people speak English here- so that’s good for me considering I don’t speak Spanish. Sun pumps happy fuel into my blood & there’s been a lot of it. It’s nice to come here after leaving a city, to get my head clear, to be alone with my sewing machine & my sketchbook. I have call & text service but I don’t have the internet when I’m not in WiFi. Clearing your head from technology clouds has got to be one of the best feelings.

purplegardendancing sketch stiffiguana

I’ve been spending a lot of time sketching ideas & working on new wallets & pouches. I should have a slew of 50+ more products soon. Right now, I only have a few pouches in the BT online shop. I’m going to send out an email from my newsletter the night before I list them. You can sign up for my emails here. It’s funny, I still am getting used to this whole waking up, not feeling like I’m rushed to go somewhere for someone else, or feel that I have to have a mask on more someone else. Bird Trouble is going to only get better & better from here on out. I can feel the anxiety from Chicago seeping out as I have more control of the time I’m putting into my work.

If you’re reading this from BlogLovin‘ & can’t see my blog… you can’t see the awesome (if I say so myself) makeover I did to my website!


This is what it looks like now. Play around with the links at www.birdtrouble.com and let me know what you think. All the content is updated & fresh. I even have a new dream logo that the amazing Rachel Urquart created for me. You may know her as Pony Gold. I dig her style so much, I know you will. Here’s the logo & of her recent work that I love.

God damn love her work. Go look at her blog. All of her tiny illustrations make me want to start stick & poke tattooing myself. Being far from the tattoo artists & know SUCKS, but I’ve always been good at DIYing shit. Besides, I know I’m good at stick & pokes. I’ve done a few in my time. Even if I wasn’t good… I still want more free tiny tattoos. I’m going to sew for the rest of the day while I think about MORE. TINY. FREE. TATTOOS. Here’s some links I’ve enjoyed this week:


Live Fast Mag This article about Adam and Emily Harteau’s life was beautiful, inspiring, & is a reminder of what’s more important: an open mind, experiences, shelter, & sharing.
The Jetbirds: Evolve. My friend back in Chicago is in a rock & roll band and they just came out with a new album that I think you’ll like!
FreeCycle.Org – my best friend told me about this website so I can find free leather to repurpose. This website rules. Re-use!!
The new Threadless collection. Hello Chicago Threadless Headquarters!! Ya’ll are looking so good & I want to go where ever you shot that video.
Obama speaks out that he is AGAINST BSL!  YES!
Steve Martin, Kermit, & Dueling Banjos
? Woah.



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