Absorbing whats around you: reconnections & goodbyes.

photos collected from the Bird Trouble pinterest

Shapes, sparkles, waves, lines and colors have always caught my eye.  It’s the reason why I love textiles so much.  It’s the inspiration of this blog post, to open your eyes & absorb what’s around you in a different way.  Really absorbing what’s around you – I think people forget about this, especially those living in a big city.  The other evening, I went to Montrose hill with a friend who I can connect with so easily.  We flew a kite, laid in the grass, talked about the shapes in the trees & the clouds, frolicked through the trees, to the lake, to the dancing sailboats & talked about the essence of our youth while listening to only Against Me!  Have you noticed that sailboats are always partying?

Chicago summers are always amazing – the smells, the sun, the laughter, the beer, the smokes, the music.  I’m soaking in the views of my city’s skylines before my big move – I’m soaking in the love & the mutual connections with old friends as much as I can.  I know this each time I leave, being away from a few friends is always going to be hard, but getting closer to them because of all of our life changes is a reminder that those who want to stay, do stay.  I must have done something right to know these amazing souls Chicago.  Reconnections feel great, but reconnections that feel like they they were never disconnected feel even better.  We will meet again if it’s meant to be, Chicago, but I will tell you this: I’ll love you for damn ever.



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