Bird Trouble is Moving to MEXICO!



I’ve decided that Ty and I are going to pack our bags, my sewing machine, & my textiles to Guadalajara, Mexico.  I’ll most likely be leaving during the second week of August.  I’m excited for this adventure, more than I’ve been excited about any other move I’ve made in my life so far.  You’re probably wondering why the huge move.  I’ve been feeling “stuck” recently and though I love the support to death in Chicago and will miss my friends sorely, I’ve never felt planted to Chicago and it feels like the right time to do something for myself.  These last 3 years of coming home from Philly & California has been a rather tiring experience.  I’ve been working full-time, maintaining & growing the relationships with people I’ve known since school, meeting & growing friendships with new people, collaborating with other creatives… but still have never been able to get rid of the wanderlust feeling.

I realize now that I can’t get rid of the wanderlust.  Being adventurous is apart of me & makes me the happiest right now.  There’s so much out there.  It literally drives me crazy that I’m not seeing more than these buildings & bars that fill this city.  I was dating the same guy on and off for 2 years & we didn’t do a lot traveling.  I felt like I was just staying put & dealing with a lot of emotional things that I didn’t need to deal with – but did, for love.  I’ve had more ‘down’ times in the last two years.  The traveling I’ve done this past year (Colorado, South Carolina, Mexico…) has really opened up my mind & made me realize how I’ve actually been unhappy.  If you’ve been following me since my Blogspot account, you’ll remember that I used to move around a lot.  It’s apart of me.  It’s good for my soul.


I’ll be moving in with my ma & Tyler (for new readers, Tyler is my dog) but we don’t have a place lined up yet, so I’ll be staying with my dad in Ajijic until we find a home (the photo above was taken in Ajijic – it’s only an hour bus ride from Guadalajara).  It’ll be nice to be with my family again.  It’s been 8 years since I’ve lived with my mom (besides for a short time between a break-up of mine)- I’m excited to grow our relationship & have her around every day.  Do any of my readers know what areas I should check out in Guadalajara to live?  I’d like to be somewhere where I don’t get stared at because of my tattoos or personal style – not that I give a shit what people think – it’d just be nice to not have to deal with it.  I also want to go to some punk & rock shows… so if anyone has any band recommendations, send them my way.  If you know someone who you think I should network with, send them my email [ alexz at birdtrouble .com ]!


On top of all the excitement of a new country, new weather (YESSS no more Chicago winters!), a new language, & the delicious food that I can not wait to eat… I’ll be focusing on growing my art & skills full-time.  Bird Trouble is going to be my number one priority but I’m going to start taking as many art classes too.  I want to get back into drawing, painting, maybe mess around with clay sculpturing… learn to do leather work & weaving… my ideas are endless.  Mexico is driven a lot by creativity & art… it’s so inspiring.

I plan on staying active on FB, Twitter, & Instagram during my move &  I’ll have a lot more time to write here once I arrive to my dad’s house so you can keep up with my travels & new experiences.


The Bird Trouble Etsy shop will stay open but my last shipping  day in the USA is August 5th.  For any purchases made during my move & my settling, I’ll keep in touch about the actual shipping date by emailing you – but note that it might be a little delayed.  Shipping will also cost a little more to the US & will take more time too – so keep that in mind!  I don’t know anything about shipping in Mexico – but the detailed information will be in my Etsy policies once I know.  Does anyone have experience on shipping from Mexico?  Any tips or experiences would be great.

That’s all I have!  The next few weeks are already jam packed with parties.  Tonight is the going away party for one of my best friends who is moving  to Florida (in junction with celebrating my departure too), a bachelorette party next weekend, & the wedding for two of my favorite people the following weekend.   It’s going to be the best 3 weeks of my last Chicago summer in a while… and damn do I love these Chicago summers.

xo, Alexz


2 thoughts on “Bird Trouble is Moving to MEXICO!

  1. Congrats on this awesome adventure to come! I found your blog earlier in the year and I think your risk to move and pursue your creative outlets is very inspiring! I lived in Ixtapa in 2003 for about 9 months and the looks I would get with my pink mohawk and tattoos so I know the feeling of just wanting to exist and do! I look forward to seeing were you take Bird Trouble. Much Luck and success!!!

    1. Marlene! I’m so late on responding… I can’t wait to be settled in from this move & to get back into the groove of blogging (and responding to comments). 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you found my blog! What were you doing in Ixtapa? I think it’s amazing you went there with a pink mohawk! I went to Guadalajara yesterday to apartment hunt. I found it to be really comfortable because everyone embraces their differences & it’s a bigger city. I think I can exist there :). Thank you for your support!! ❤ Alexz


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