Get to know the new Bird Trouble bag, The Eyeball inspired Fringe Bag

To celebrate the release of the first finished design from my Eyeball Inspired Collection, The Perception bag is this week’s product of the week.  I wanted to explain my inspiration – so you can be more connected to it’s meaning & you can make a better judgement on if it’s the bag for you.  This is the short story behind the Bird Trouble Eyeball Inspired Collection.

I fell in love with eyeballs HARD during that vacation I took to Leadville, Colorado earlier this year to visit my best friends, Dome & Michelle. Just before this trip, I was seeing eyeballs more & more… in drawings, on the internet, in my memories of doodles in high school. It was following me. One day we went shopping at a few local boutiques & stopped at a blown-ass art & smoking piece shop (I love me some Colorado glass-blowing artists & Colorado stoners). There was a piece that caught my eye but I didn’t want to drop the $70, so instead, Dome did. That night when we were back to their house, we laid on the couch & I started to work on some random sketches. All I could draw were eyeballs.

By the time I arrived back to Chicago, I was itching like crazy to plan a collection of eyeball inspired bags. So I did. I started with this bag. I just thought it’d be so cool to have this allusion of a bag that was fierce with fringe and unusual once you looked at the whole picture. Weeks went by as I juggled with my full-time job, the Dames a Dozen side project, and Bird Trouble. I feel like it took forever to finish because it’s all I wanted to do- but there were other things in life I had to focus on as well. That feeling is the reason why I can not wait to work Bird Trouble as full time job (it’ll happen).

Now that the bag is released, I’m looking forward to working on a few more eyeball designs & throwing them in the mix as they come along. If you want to know first hand, sign up for my Newsletter & you’ll be in the first to know- before they come out for sale. That way, you’ll get dibs! There is no other kind like this bag & due to the limited textiles of repurposed materials that I used (the suede jacket), there will not be an exact one. If I do happen to make more, they will be in a different suede or leather.

This bag is $200 and is already available in my Etsy Shop.
There you can read its measurements, the details of the bag, & find out what other repurposed textiles I used in it.

Can I just tell you how much I appreciate you guys for following me? Thanks so much for being around.- Alexz


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