Lookbook issue no. 2 is releasing on July 16th // “Bird Trouble has Messed Up My Head”

Hi guys!  I’m back from Rothbury!  I can’t wait to tell you more about it & share some photos, but I have other business to talk about today.  I was very productive today even though I felt super tired from my weekend extravaganza.  On July 16th, I’m going to be releasing a new lookbook, the part two of my “online portfolio” on the Bird Trouble Tumblr.  I named in Bird Trouble has Messed Up My Mind after being inspired by a really great song.  I’m eventually going to get these printed so that I can use them as portfolios for when I show retailer buyers (if the bags are still available) or to anyone who is interested.

Issue No. 2 is another collaboration between myself and Megan Saul where I modeled and styled myself.  I bought a pair of Flux of Feather earrings & Violet Bella.  Some of these bags are still available but many of them have been purchased.  That’s the game of selling one of a kind.  I’ve also linked my Etsy & jewelry to the appropriate sites so you can lurk away! I’ll be posted the photos on my Pinterest after it’s released so you can support us by pinning them onto your boards.  Because you’re awesome & I love you & all.




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