Heading to Rothbury, Michigan!

My best friend Dome asked me to go to Rothbury, MI this weekend for an event called Electric Forest.  Of course I said yes. I’d like to thank the person in me who never says no to an adventure or a new experience.  Rothbury is about 4 hours away from Chicago and we wil be camping under these amazing tall trees.  I’m going with her and her girlfriend Michele, who also happens to be another best friend of mine.  Those are my girls that I visit in Colorado – if you’re a long time reader, that should make some sense.

So this is the deal.  We’re going to be camping from Thursday night to Saturday night and drive back on Sunday.  It’s going to be awesome to be detached from technology & to be around music, people, and wild shit.  Going to an “electric forest” (I say that while using my fingers to make the quotation gesture) is different than what I’d normally do.  Where’s the punk rock?  Oh.  I don’t know any band that is playing besides for hearing of one, but never actually hearing their music.  I told Dome that I was upset that I can’t air guitar or air drum to electronic music- but she assured me that I will be able to.  Anyway, all that doesn’t really matter to me because this is going to be an amazing release of feel-good-all-weekend & I will be with my best friends.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m wearing, how I’m doing my hair, what makeup will I put on. Yes, even though I am going camping, I need to think it.  We’re going to buy sequins for face makeup.  My inspiration for makeup is this girl that is next & then the rest of it is just a bunch of Woodstock ’69 photos from Pinterest… not that electronic has anything to do with it – but I’m placing myself into a camping & music festival feel.  It’s going to RULEEEEEEEE. :

I’m really obsessed with this girl’s style in the last photo. Is that a piggy on the fabric around her waist?  Awesome.  Okay, you saw those… now look at these.  Here are some Electric Forest shots that I found via Pinterest:

One of the best things about all of this?  I’m bringing all of my Bird Trouble pouches & a few of my bags with my Square card.  Dome has made a lot of money each year with these amazing music posters that she draws up before hand. It’s so exciting thinking about a whole new market of people.  Stoked. Minus the fact that I’m sort of freaking out because I ran out of business cards… but I have stickers, scratch paper, and a pen.  So yeah, if you’re there, find us & introduce yourself! I’m super friendly, I promise.

xo, Alexz

6 thoughts on “Heading to Rothbury, Michigan!

    1. I had so much fun! I remember passing Muskegon. That whole area was beautiful and it was really nice to see that many trees again. I crave trees when I’m in Chicago for too long.

  1. I went to something like that here in Arizona not too long ago…although it was a smaller group of people. Have fun!!

  2. You are so lucky. I am so excited for you and I am not even going. I need one of those type of weekends, to let loose, unplug from the computer, and just enjoy the outdoors. Have a great trip.


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