Friday Favorites

Jenny Hart

Kyle LaValley

This past month has been so awesome.

1) Last week, I was announced the runner up for Best Indie Crafter in the Chicago Reader.  I’m happy to have the mention for the 3rd year in a row. The winner, Steff Bomb, is awesome. I respect for her hard working ethic and her love for pizza and cats.
2)  I requested a change at my full-time job (I work at a busy small business hair salon as a client coordinator and marketing & social media manager) that will allow me more time for Bird Trouble.  I’ve been struggling with juggling free time to work, to do chores, to take Ty out for a well needed long time, or to have a social life; this change in schedule is going to give me more day time & will be a great over-due change.
3) South Carolina put me in PMA mode & gave me an entirely different look on my future.  I have a lot of plans for myself this year and one being pretty life changing that I have to keep under locks for now.
4)  I hung out with Threadless earlier this month.  They showed me the best Tuesday involving babe friends – an Indiana suburban home pool – a branco – huge pizza slices – and free tshirts.  Sean Dogan & the Threadless team put together this promo video, where you can see us PARTYYYYYYY ULTIMATELY.
5)  Bird Trouble is having a getting a new logo for it’s new beginning.  I CANT WAIT TO USE IT.  More on that later!

Working hard & moving along. I need to go meet up with my co-worker for a dog date!



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