Tour the Bird Trouble / part 1

Megan & Josh came over to visit the Bird Trouble studio shortly before I left to Edisto and seeing how that was a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to share & I’m excited I found time today to sit at the coffee shop for some blogging.

This would be part one of the studio tour.  I sew in the sun room next to be bedroom.  If you take a look at the second to last photo, you’ll notice my bedroom details in the background.  The apartment I’m in really does suit my every need.  As I’m reaching my two year mark of living here, there has been a lot of changes to the studio such as painting the walls, adding an entire wall of shelving, staining, adding a pegboard (probably the most helpful way to organize & clearly see all of my odds/ends/scissors).  I have a lot of favorite details in my studio but I really cherish my cork board (it was a gift made by an old friend) & all the memories, words, inspiration it holds.  I don’t ever want to throw any thing out.  I even keep movie tickets for a long time…

There are a little over 100 photos that Megan took… and that’s not even counting the little detail shots that Josh took. I’ll be back soon to show more! I must go eat sushi with my best friend now… I can hear the little fishies call my name.


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