Product of the Week: Beach Days Pouch

I named this pouch the Beach Days Pouch.

The cotton boho, beachy textile on the outside & a baby pink polka dot lining on the inside were found on a sunny afternoon doing what I consider I do best, Chicago thrifting. The leather was discovered at a Chicago garage sale on the front lawn of a man’s home in Logan Square who happened to run a reupholstery textile factory. That man’s wife sold me an Eames chair for $5. I think about their generosity to this day.

The wooden charm was purchased with a handful of others at that Pilsen Textile Warehouse over at 21st & Hoyne. Oh, how I love the Textile Warehouse’s dark corners and confetti filled storage bins… Then one day, I happened to get bored. When I get bored, I fiddle with my energy in my hands, so I started to carve a really shitty BT in a few of them with my father’s old, rusty utility blade.

7.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall.
$38 – See in the Etsy shop –


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