Vacation in Southern Low County, ‘merica.

i returned from my week long southern low county experience earlier today. my friend dan rented a beach house in Edisto, South Carolina. Literally, on the beach beach house, where we woke up at 8:00am to lay in the sand, wrestle or get raped by the ocean, take a walk along the beach, or read Vogue under a vintage sunhat. there was a fresh turtle nest behind our house in the sand & the most beautiful stars i have ever seen, next to the ones in Mexico earlier this year.

i feel so refreshed, like i shredded old skin & became a new human being. i am still feeling the UV rays i soaked up during the long beach days & the pain in my abs from the amount of laughter i extruded. there’s a lot of bouncing uncontrollable anxiety thoughts going on in this here brain these past few months and with the help of a truly wonderful live-life-to-its-fullest kind of week with the best kind of friends & great company, i was able to bring out my complete absolute self again. the weird & silly side that i needed to see again. LET LOOSE. DGAF. DANCE YOUR ASS OFF. YOLO. what a great feeling it is to have the clouds lifted and an urge to get back to priorities with a tickling feeling.

i’m really looking forward to this week. there’s so much exciting opportunities coming my way. life is great ya’ll. the most positive i think, the more positive every thing is around me. i’ve gotta thank my awesome best friends in Colorado for recommending that i watch ‘The Secret’ & my coworker who recommended ‘What in the &@*! Do We Know?!’. both movies are on netflix and i promise, you will love it. it might just be what you’ve been waiting for. anyway, i’ll return with more photos of Edisto in a few days. xo


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