Happy Wednesday! Here are the BT news.

photos by Megan Saul

Happy Wednesday! I’m in the middle of scheduling interviews for Bird Trouble’s Wednesday Creative Feature so I’m going to hold off on doing my posts this week and maybe next week. I’m looking forward to sharing the fun Q&A set up that I have going on with my future collaborations with these talented creatives & collectors. I’ve been so fricken busy with making my Bird Trouble lookbook & also making sure that my website is lookin’ it’s best recently – it’s hard doing all of it alone. I know I need to market myself better though- and these are the steps that I’m taking to get there. You guys are going to like it around here sooooo much more soon, I promise.

My collection of Dyed & Bleached bags have their own page in Bird Trouble web world now. On top of that new page, I’ve made a handful amount of changes to the looks of my website. I hope you can find the time to browse around. I would love to know what you think of it.
The website is: https://birdtroublestudio.wordpress.com/collections/dyedandbleached/

I also still need your help in winning the Best Indie Crafter in the Chicago Reader’s Best of 2013 Awards. It would be sooo cool if I won. I’ve been runner up for the past two years – but won’t give up on winning! Thanks for your support!
See how you can vote for me: https://birdtroublestudio.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/vote-for-bt-as-your-favorite-in-the-best-of-chicago-for-the-reader/

Thanks for reading! xo, Alexz

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