A playlist para día de la madre.

happy day wishes to the woman who gave me life, Dolores or Lola Flores and Sandoval.

these are two photos hanging in my room that i see every day. each time i see these photos, i realize how much my mom has been an inspiration to my style as i grow up in to my own woman. i am jealous of her perfect finger nails (to this day, still) and her previous amazing short 70’s disco flip-out hair style. she makes me want to perm my hair. my mother lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. Very far from Chicago.  i’m sad i will not be able to see her but i hope i at least get to speak to her on the phone. my mama’s a real sweet lady. i’ll wear all her rings in her honor tomorrow!

here’s a play list i made para día de la madre.
that’s for mother’s day.
i’m practicing spanish. kind of.

i think if my mom listened to this, she will be reminded of all the horrible car rides i put her through blasting music and screaming at the top of my lungs. i put Lola by Bad Manners on this play list, because when I first heard the kinks sing this song when i was a real young kid, i would sing it in dedication to my mom since her name was Lola. that was before i knew what the song really was about.


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