Music Monday Playlist // Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Only Ones, The Booze & MORE.

Today, I just let the music roll on my Spotify so I could create a Music Monday playlist for you. It’s ended up being a mixture of my favorite rock and roll from a sort of different generations. Richard Hell, The Saints, The Only Ones, & The Booze anyone? I hope you are ready for some loud music. Enjoy!

I ended this playlist with a punk rock band from Chicago who when I first saw play for the first time at age 16, made me realize that I was growing up in the exact scene that I wanted to be growing up in. This band is the Street Brats./// When I was 18 years old, I dated this sassy dude who has a Johnny Thunders LAMF tattoo on his neck. Seriously sassy. If you know who he is, you’d say he was sassy. He was both a gentleman & a brat to me, and of course my 18 year old self dug it. He bought me Betsy Johnson jewelry & took me to fun Chicago house parties. It was a very fun & yeah, definitely reckless time of my young adult life. He had Destination Nowhere tattooed on his stomach. It was after a Street Brats album. He was best friends with the lead singer & practiced with the band for a while while one of the members was MIA. I would drive him to practices at Max’s work because I ruled as his girl friend. It was a factory with real big machinery- I don’t even remember what kind of machinery it was, but it was loud & it smelled funny. We’d be there late after Max’s co-workers left. Beers, cigarettes, & dudes practicing punk rock made up one night during my week. I would leave reeking of cigarettes. Other days, I would go listen to the dude practice his bass in his bed room. That dude is still one of my favorites, 10 years later. I love connecting memories I’ve had with the people in my life to the music I listen to & reliving the moment. Damn it, I just love punk rock and I love my life./// The Street Brats are no longer a band any more, but I’m still always playing their albums. By the way. One of my favorite thing to do? Blast punk rock music driving a car through the Midwest corn fields with the windows down. YES.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday Playlist // Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Only Ones, The Booze & MORE.

    1. I have a real soft spot for men in bands and it’s always a plus if there’s a neck tattoo involved. If not, that’s cool too! I realize I didn’t post the mix in the post – it will be up by the time you read this comment, hopefully :). Let me know what you think!


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