A $1,000 GIVEAWAY you can’t miss! Win a BT bag & many more.

That’s right folks!! $1,000 duuuuuudes. My friend Sam from RoseVintage recently launched the new RoseVintage website. Her and Dono made it. Soo cute. To celebrate the launch, Sam decided to get a group of small business & creatives such as: web design & lifestyle, vintage, handmade sustainable jewelry + fashion, handmade goods, businesses for a cause. Are you freaking out yet?

A real cool list of real cool contributing cool people:
AFrames Eyewear
Bubby & Bean
Dethrose Vintage
Bait Footwear
Clyde’s Rebirth
The Paraders
Allison Berg
Pierogi Picnic
Yesterday’s Sweetheart
KM Little Somethings

You have to enter Sam’s giveaway. I mean, I don’t know why you wouldn’t. That’s a lot of free stuff… who doesn’t want free stuff? Plus, you’ll win a BT bag. I haven’t released which bag yet. I’m just going to be making it a surprise. It’s more fun that way.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo Alexz



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