These Days // April’s Finale in photos.

Last week, I swear I spent like 20 hours cleaning my apartment, bedroom, & studio. All in a total of 4 days. I didn’t really sleep at all. I wanted to make sure every thing looked its best for the special visitor I had on Friday morning. Cleaning is great and all, but when you’re non-stop cleaning/organizing/dusting/sweeping/re-decorting/freaking out until 3am after you’ve worked a 1pm to 9:30pm work shift… you obviously are ignoring the important things in life. Like sleep. Sleep is so good, but 5 hours a sleep a night is not good.

Now that I’m caught up with my zzz’s & am thinking like a normal human being again…. I realize how much of a spazz I am how I tire myself out endlessly, but I love that I some how gain all this energy to still do it. I get shit done! I’m proud of myself.

Who was my big visitor? Well, his name is Dartise. He is from Chicago’s WCIU, The U and he came over on Friday morning to interview me. He asked me a bunch of questions on how I started Bird Trouble, what BT is about now, where BT is going & he recorded footage of my studio & of a bag being made.  Why? BECAUSE… I’m going to have my very own 2 minutes of fame, guys!!!

Bird Trouble is going to be featured on the You & Me This Morning segment, Made in Chicago. I’m still shocked by the fact that this even happened and shocked by the idea of even being on TV, but I’m letting it soak in while I patiently wait for the air date. Dartise said it might air on Tuesday, May 14. If you have WCIU, look out for me! It will be apart of the morning show, so something around 7am?! I’m not positive of all the details but I’m going to show you guys the YouTube video around May 14th. So no worries if you don’t catch it on TV.

TV. Crap. Bird Trouble on TV, guys!!!!!!!

Then, to celebrate the interview & my week of no sleep, I decided to not get some rest, but to go out & have some fun.

Friday night was pretty adorable when I think back on it.  It was like we had a little small business girl’s night out on in town.  Samantha {from RoseVintage} & Caitlin {from Wanderlustings} picked me up from work and headed to West Town.  I need to express how much I like hanging out with these girls! So so so so much. Like hanging out with a bundle of kittens. We just have fun.  It’s so nice to be around other small business owners… especially two small business owners who happen to be rad girls who can be as weird as me.

We headed Kyla & Sarah’s mobile shop grand opening for Lost Girls Vintage and for Sarah’s birthday celebration at Paperish Mess.  Their mobile shop is adorable.  I loved the lights & the mood it had. Seriously though, it really puts an itch under my skin to push harder at owning my very own.  We had a blast taking photos with all of the Lost Girls Vintage props. We ended the night at Cleo’s for some beers & laughs with Merl {from /Merl/} & few of her gal pals.

It was nice to meet every one that I did.  I was super tired that evening and probably spent too much time zoning out on my phone… but I could just be over thinking it, or I seriously could be getting too old for this.

No. Never too old.

Samantha and Donovan came over Saturday evening with Otissssss. I love Otis. I say his name like “OAT-is”. Strong A. Think ChicAH-go.  He’s just one of the most handsome little pups I’ve ever seen! I might say that about every dog… ugh, I have animal issues.  I just want all of them.  OAT-is, Tyler, & Dayday got along quite peachy.  Nothing funny (funny, weird way, funny) happened.  Just a couple of awesome big & buff dogs hanging out. Being angels. No big deal.

Saturday I had work at the salon, like I do every Saturday. I worked an 8am shift until 5pm, like I do every Saturday. Megan and I had planned on a mini photoshoot session after one of her engagement shoots since every thing was so clean, but she couldn’t find parking in my neighborhood. It’s brutal living by the lake some times. Every one wants a piece of it when the weather is nice, and it leaves 0 parking spots after driving around the blocks for 25 minutes. We rescheduled to Sunday.

I stayed out pretty late on Saturday evening with Max (the roommate!), Jeanna (my Dames a Dozen partner in crime), Billy Bumps (he’s done a few of my tattoos. He works out of A+ Tattoo in Avondale. Ah- who am I kidding? I’m basically a walking billboard for him. I love that man’s work.) and a few friends, but I STILL managed to wake up before noon. Sleeping in was completely and absolutely necessary after a night of pizza & drinks at Boiler Room. It’s one of my favorite places in this city just because it’s fun & it’s affordable. They have a $7 deal. What do you get for $7? A PBR tallboy, a shot of Jameson, and a slice of pizza with your choice of toppings. My choice? I really like the one with the cheese, basil, tomato, & drizzled with balsamic reduction. YUM. Good god, yum. I do that right when I get there and have a drink or two in between leaving.

Of course Max and I then decided to get a torta each at this taco place at Belmont & Clark. A huge torta. It was 3am when we decided that…. needless to say, we worked it off by walking home together. Man, I love this city and how it fills my belly at every kinda-drunk-appetite opportunity.

Sunday, Megan and Josh came over to hang out for a bit of time after they took  a bunch of really awesome images of my studio, bedroom, and detail shots. We also took some photos of what I was wearing for an outfit & outfit detail post. I’m real stoked about that. Doing more outfit posts this year is one of my goals, but it’s hard when you have to wait until someone with a nice camera to shoot you. Fitting that in between every thing else about Bird Trouble & the salon is tough. Seriously though, I can’t take any more selfies with NEIN’s camera. I just don’t like the quality – and I’m very picky about outfit post pictures. There needs to be quality in those. Being said, I’m grateful and appreciative of Megan because she’s so chill and willing to take a bunch of photos of any thing.

I’m just excited to share my closet with you guys. I feel like I wear some ridiculous outfits with enough color to blind you or enough rings to distract you… and you might just be in to it.

Monday was the best day of the week. I consider Mondays like my Sundays since Sunday is technically my first day of my weekends. Salon hours. I woke up really early to hang out with my friend Gabe. I’ve known Gabe for probably… 9 years now. Maybe even 10 actually.  I’ve known him since high school… he’s gotta be one of the coolest dudes of all dudes. One of my favorite, in fact. We hang out at 7am or 8am some times because he works at a start up “A Chicago based food delivery company. Providing our clients with the fastest and best looking couriers.”. They’re called Charming Courier Collective. Gabe’s responsible for delivering coffee, pastries, sandwiches (plus so much more) to local businesses & clients in Chicago…. on bike. That’s right. They bike all day! They have a car for larger moves, but on bike, they can get to you quicker than any car.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on Bird Trouble. I’m not going to terribly bore you with those details but I did a lot of measurement, dozing off, Etsy listing writing, tagging, dozing off, drinking tea, drafting listing… then I finally finished that. I realized how nice it was outside on Sunday around 11am. I went outside to work on one of the Lookbook’s that I’ve been struggling with… and some how, I got it done. 7 hours later, Max and I had spent our afternoon until the sun was sort of going down, basically in silence, just doing what we were doing.

I’m excited to share my look book with you guys! I just need to save the files differently & it’s good to go. I’ll tell explain about the release of the lookbook in a near future post. Until then, I bid you farewell. I need to end this post with a picture that Merl took of me and Rachel at her studio last week. NEVER SERIOUS. EVER.

I’m introducing you to Merl tomorrow for  Wednesday’s Creative feature, so be sure to stop back!

xo, Alexz

2 thoughts on “These Days // April’s Finale in photos.

  1. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FEATURE!!! POST IT THE SECOND YOU GET IT!! Eeeee, so excited for you!! Also, question regarding BT, I got a drop of gravy on my wallet (from my poutine…haha whoops!) and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for cleaning, as I obviously can’t throw it in the wash. Let me know 😉

    Also, you are TOO babely.

  2. I love this posting. I had a fun time reading it and meeting all your friends. Sounds like you are super woman going from one thing to another. You made me tired just trying to follow your week =) I love it. I am glad to hear that you had time to catch up on sleep. This week I feel like you, too many things to do and not enough time. I learned to take one thing at a time or I get brain overload.

    I look forward to seeing your new creations on Etsy today.

    Have a wonderful week


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