Music Monday // Joe Strummer, I want to party with you.

I can’t ever get enough of Joe Strummer’s voice. I think you’re mad if you can get over it quickly. I feel like I need to listen to Elgin Avenue Breakdown at least every day now for a week now.

I picked this song today because of my sentimental reasoning… you know, I’m a girl, I’m cheesy & all. Or I’m just a little kid stuck in an adult life. I’ll never leave it! You’ll never take me alive, universe & age! Joe, you leave me nostalgic of the parties that I’d go when I was under age and I just wanted to have fun in the city. Parties where we would blast The Clash and sing along, intoxicated, with those who were in our company. Now that we’re older, it just seems to happen at bars. Lame. Give me more house parties.

Great, it’s 2am when I’m writing this and now I just want to dance! I’ll never grow up.
Enjoy the little Strummer action fix.


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