Thursday’s Home & Studio: In the Bird Trouble Buena Park, Chicago Home

Welcome to Thursday’s Thursday’s Home & Studio! Each Thursday will be little peaks of my home or my studio, or both. I’m not going to bore you with pictures of random trinkets I have… though I know how fun it is to look at someone’s home & what they have in it (trust me, I’m on Apartment Therapy all the time), but some times I’ll watch to show Tyler (he’s my dog, in case you’re a new reader) or my rad roommates, NEIN & Maxwell. Or who knows, maybe I’ll show you a picture of my apartment’s maintenance man. His name is Mitch. Just in case you were wondering.

I’ll expose what’s going on behind the scenes in my studio. You’ll get to see products unfinished on my table, the mess on my floor, the banana peel sticking out of my garbage can (uh… good thing tonight is cleaning night), fabric that I just found or have had laying around. You’ll probably get to see some of my sketches from when I brain-storming on the train. I’m bringing an obnoxious vintage lamp into my studio, so you’ll definitely see a lot of that.

What’s this obnoxious lamp look like you say? WELL. Here it is, in all it’s glory:

Okay, onto my home…

Candles bought from Mexican produce store out here. Disheveled butterflies stuck to a coaster in a pyrex dish, a dragon fly with it’s tail broken off in a Starbucks cup waiting to be glued back together, SHAMELESS.
Moth & a three winged dragon fly hangin’ out, the entrance to our kitchen pantry with a peak of very lived in shelving, one out of 2 vintage stools that Maxwell acquired from an estate sale, & a painting of a building across the street with men standing outside of it smoking. I found that in an alley way off of Wilson Ave.


CHICAGO FLAG. Represent. Our record player that still doesn’t work off. A peak of a mural that Maxwell & his tattoo artist buddies are working on.

I share my home with my two roommates, NEIN & Maxwell. There’s four of us when you count Tyler, my dog (he’s that guy right up there!) or Dayday, who is Maxwell’s dog. Her full name is Daphne, but who wouldn’t want to say Dayday? We live in a cute neighborhood called Buena Park. It’s on the north side of Chicago and as east to the lake as you can get. I can see the lake & Lakeshore drive as I’m typing this. It’s such a great little spot. Here’s a little background on my roommates and I.

NEIN is Nina. I guess I should probably say that, but I don’t really ever call her Nina. I guess I have to call her Nina at work, but I try not to. She’s  an illustrator, as well as a maker of real cool things out of paper. But we also work together at the hair salon and have been “attached to each other” ever since I started. I have to share her with her boyfriend 4/7 days of the week meaning I only get her some times 2 or 3 out of 7. I’m okay with that because he’s rad… & because when we do hang out, we decide to drink 40oz together at the lake or in costume at a party, write & doodle on bathroom walls at the bars, climb on top of dumpsters so we can write & doodle on buildings, & meow at each other. Meow? Yeah, meow. I mean, Meow, meow.

Maxwell is just Maxwell for the blog. I call him Max or Maxi Pad in real life. He’s a tattoo artist at the Alley & a freelance illustrator. We’ve known each other for about… 10-12 years, depending on what side you’re seeing it from. Max has known me from longer and apparently, back in the day, he didn’t like me. Whatever my 13 year old 8th grade self did to him, I have no clue… but I find it hilarious because I don’t remember him. For one of his birthdays, I wrote MAXI PAD on a woman’s maxi pad, brought it to his parents house when he was still living here, and gave it to him. He was swimming in the pool over there, but still decided to stick it on his chest.

So, why do I have dead moths laying around? Because NEIN and I like dead bugs. Why do I have skateboards? Because Maxwell! We have a cool home. Thanks for stopping by to read. I have really exciting press news to share tomorrow on Twitter (@BirdTrouble). I’ve already shared it on Facebook & Instagram, but you guys & Twitter is next.

See you next week for more!

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One thought on “Thursday’s Home & Studio: In the Bird Trouble Buena Park, Chicago Home

  1. After seeing your skateboard I HAVE to share this link with you. A friend of mine in Chicago has made these before and I wish it fit my decor:

    I’m trying to find an old antique globe to make something like this:

    Sometimes I miss roommates and how much fun it is to have friends in the house.


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