Wednesday’s Creative Feature / Samantha & Mariah Balk from RoseVintage; Chicago Vintage & Renovated Camper? Kickstarter? Yes, Please.

Welcome to Wednesday’s Featured Innovative Maker. Each Wednesday, I feature both local Chicago as well as worldwide makers or small business owners. This can cross the whole board of artists, musicians, bands, fashion designers, vintage shop owners, jewelry designers, accessory designers, graphic designers, chefs, tattoo artists, and tons more.

A haven for featuring creatives who inspire others. In my eyes. I am just me, but I am me. I support & enjoy seeing what others do. It drives me. Seeing someone work with their hands, their creativity, how they are doing it, where they are doing it, why did they do it.

I’d like to mention that a big inspiration for this weekly series is Kelly from Majestic Disorder. She features creative minds on her amazing blog with interviews, photos, and videos. If you haven’t heard of or seen Majestic Disorder’s newly launched side, you need to head over to their page:

Today’s feature is RoseVintage. RoseVintage is an online shop of vintage clothing and accessories for women ran by Samantha and Mariah Balk, a sister team. In RoseVintage you will find handpicked vintage clothing, accessories & housewares. All of their items have been found on their journeys traveling across the United States in their mobile shop, which is a 1962 Garway camper that they like to call “Rose”.

They share finds from the late 1800’s-1990 and specialize in pieces from the 50’s – 70’s. Every dress, cup & pair of shoes comes with a unique story. They hope to take you back in time.

RoseVintage’s Etsy Shop :

Samantha and Mariah just recently launched a Kickstarter to take their adorable renovated Garway camper on an East Coast Tour. They’re calling it their: RoseVintage Tour or ahem, hashtag, #Rosevintagetour. They just need your help! They will use the money to pay for vendor fees for any shows or festivals they will sell at (that means they might come to your city if you’re on the East Coast!), travel expenses, and a little refreshening for Rose. I can vouch for their dedication & love to RoseVintage because I have the pleasure to know these girls IRL, personally, like hang out kind of buds. We’ve giggled a lot together & we like, send each other snapchats. Okay sorry, I’ll stop bragging. #Ihavecoolfriends

Watch their adorable Kickstarter video & share it with your friends who would be so “oh my god a vintage camper!!!“. You will be sure to adore these girls & what they’re set to do. Oh! I should also mention that they have a bunch of awesome & thoughtful swag for any one who pledges $5 or more.

Their Kickstarter:

I’m bummed that I can’t plug share the video through here WordPress. What the heck WordPress?

BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I do have some special news on giving for a RoseVintage & Bird Trouble + $910 worth of awesome local and small business goodies. But I’ll be back to tell you more about that in a few days. Stay in touch by following me on Twitter if I release it before I blog about it!

Until next week Wednesday’s Creative Feature…
xo, Alexz


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