Bird Trouble Handmade // Product Photography Sneak Peak with Megan Saul Photography – Chicago, IL


These photos have a watermark on them because I’m on the trail of a software called “BlogStomp” – so please don’t pin these or do any thing with these… yet… 🙂

Hey everyone! I’m here to share a few sneak peaks with you today! Bird Trouble is up to a lot. I’ve been inspired by so many of my new + old friends recently. It’s so great having support from people who want to do the same thing you want to do: Grow an indie business.

I had a product photo shoot with Megan Saul yesterday afternoon in my home work studio. That’s where all these lovely pictures came from!! I’m beyond stoked about these because she captured the mood of my products perfectly. We also had a great chat about marketing ourselves & moving forward. Sounds like a perfect day, huh? Well, it gets better. Earlier in the day, we had a girl date & got our hair done at Sine Qua Non Salons, ate muffins, & got some hot dranks from my favorite local coffee shop, Dollop. Work for play!

What are these pictures for? I’ll be using them in a big Etsy shop update & for a {{near future}} Bird Trouble Magazine! I’m updating my Etsy Shop in… Are you ready? 8 days. EIGHT! May 1st is the big day. Mark your calendars because there’s going to be about 10 new products in there. I would just mark it as “Bird Trouble is doing big, awesome, things”. Yep.

Moving forward with my blog, I’ll be featuring a product a week, every Thursday, so you can see all the pictures & get to learn the products a little. I’ve scheduled them to start flowing in starting May 2nd. Be sure to follow my Facebook or Twitter for blog post updates. You can also always follow my blog through BlogLovin’ so you can receive updates to your email. Easy peasy!

Can’t wait to show you guys what else I have in the making! I also have big, big news to share with you in a few days about a great opportunity that I’ve been asked to do. I’ll be back on Thursday to share the news! Thanks for reading. 🙂



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