Behind the Scenes of a BT Photo Shoot

Hi guys. Alexz & boob shirt here. I’m here to give you a peak behind the scenes of the latest Bird Trouble Photo Shoot with my cute little photographer, Megan Saul. We drove about 30 miles outside of Chicago to the northwest suburbans of Schaummmmburg.

Schaumburg is basically your suburban mall, large corporate retail, Starbucks at every corner, every house-is-the-same-get-me-out-of-these-subdivisions motherland. Then there are gems… like this one taco joint I know & some thrift stores… and then there’s true gems like forest preserves, fields, trees, grass, hills… full force nature experiences that Chicago doesn’t have that. I grew up 10 minutes west of Schaumburg, and I worked at those retail stores my entire high school. I fled them as much as I could until I finally escaped that part of my life in that part of the world & entered into my Chicago city skylines & night life then fell in love with the it, entirely.

My inspiration behind this photo shoot was the feeling of escape. Of being outside, adventuring carefree, watching the sun peaking through, and good company. It was so natural because I crave it (and so does Megan- which is awesome). I love the feeling of being outside all day and forgetting about time. It brings me back to traveling out west into the canyons & to Mexico with my family growing up, to the days of when I was 17 years old with a wonderful group of friends that I had who lived even deep west into the corn fields, to the days that I lived outside of San Francisco in Walnut Creek where we would live in nature. Bring me into the fields where I can run and jump on things and climb trees… and you’ll make my day.

Enjoy the photos! Feel free to pin them or repost them, as long as you post credit.

Photography by Megan Saul
Modeling by my sweet lady friend Rosana Sanchez
Dude help by James & Joshua
Cute dog: Tyler. He’s mine. ALL MINE!

Wardrobe & Shoot styling by myself. Alexz Sandoval.

Makeup & hair was done by Rosana, herself. She knows I like dirty hair, so she didn’t wash for 4 days. I love her.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Bird Trouble bag, you can shop at my Etsy shop. I’ve updated with the handmade bags available from this photo shoot.

Megan offers photography sessions to Chicago. I love working with her and she’s such a valuable supportive creative friend & friend to BT. You can check her out on her website or her Facebook.

As always, thank you for your support & for being a reader!


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