Ajijic, Jalisco. Mexico

Hello! This was taken on my last day in Ajijic. It was last of the 90 degree weather that I was able to indulge, before I headed back to its-spring-but-really-still-winter Chicago. We started the day off by driving a little outside of town with my dad so he could pick up some homemade brewed beer from this guy who owned a restaurant in the neighborhood. My dad is really into beer (and perfectly his very own brewed Lagunitas Sucks) like myself. Our nights mainly consisted of a lot of beer, and some tequila. I was pretty stoked about that.

The night previous, I had spent the night with some new friends who lived down the street from where my parents are staying. We started our night talking & relaxing on the roof top, drinking and smoking, then took a break to make pesto & mushroom risotto, then went back to the roof for more smoking and drinking until the wee hours of the night. I’m an ex-smoker, but what goes on in Mexico stays in Mexico, so I puffed like a chimney. Needless to say that I felt like crap the day this photo above was taken.

My party years might be slowly trickling behind me… but I was champ and kept up my game the whole time Mexico trip. CHAMP.



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