Hello from Mexico!

Hello from Mexico! I arrived here on Monday night & leave next Monday night. I’m here visiting my parents, who own a home in beautiful Ajijic, Jalisco. I wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to here. I will expand more about my experiences here in future posts with more photos. I’ve snapped about 400 so far!

I’m of course turning this time as a creative/work trip because Mexico inspires me like crazy. I brought 6 Bird Trouble bags & packed some of my favorite vibrant clothing for photos and videos. The footage I’m collecting will be used in a little Bird Trouble video on my trip. That will launch into correlation with some new products that I’ll be making with the textiles that I’m finding here. We went to an upholstery shop in town today because the kind man said he would pull out scrap fabric for me. I left with two sample fabric booklets that will be turned into some amazing one of a kind wallets. Tomorrow, we’re going into Guadalajara to find this street in a neighborhood that has wholesale dealers… including wholesale fabric dealers. I’m sort of freaking out about it because I’m so excited to see what I can find!

Yesterday, we adventured to Mazatlán & Concepcion, Buenos Aires. Both are two beautiful old towns with the most charming, old characteristics on their buildings & are filled with kind people who say “Hello” to you. It’s so refreshing because Chicago is not like that. It’s also refreshing to be in a different part of the world where people are not rushing all the time. We stopped in San Luis Soyatlan on our way to Mazatlán for this drink that my dad likes. That’s what I’m drinking in the 2nd to last photo. It’s a bag filled with Squirt, tequila, orange juice, sangrita, and a pinch of salt. It was so damn good.

I’m feeling uninspired to write more so this is staying a short post. I’m tired & thinking of how to type out words is hurting my brain. We stayed out late last night at this local dive bar called Bar El Camaleon and I may have mixed beer, tequila, and jim beam… which was not a smart idea, but it was fun! We’ve been walking around in the sun all day today & I just want to edit some photos and pass out early so I can dream about the textiles in Guadalajara & wake up early tomorrow. Come back real soon xo

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