This is where I work. I may or may not have rearranged it since these photos were taken. What do you think?

I’ve been overwhelmed with work recently. Time is such a biatch! Not sure if I’ve gotten around to mentioning this, but I recently took a promotion at the hair salon. I’m blogging & doing social media for them now. I’ve been loving it and feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity, but it’s been sucking out my Bird Trouble blogging motivations & I’ve seem to become unorganized all over again. This month has just been over all whack. Totally freakin’ whacky. I’ve been around on Instagram though. You can follow me @BirdTrouble to keep in touch.

Chicago lovers, I’ll be at the Congress this Sunday February 24th for the Urban Folk Circuit. I’ll have my designs set up from 10am – 2pm. The Logan Square Farmer’s Market is next door so you’re guaranteed a good afternoon of local city shopping.

I plan on having a launch for this new website of mine soon. There will (hopefully) be a plethora of things to be won. Stick around! You are more than welcomed to sign up on my mailing list to be the firs to know when this happened.  xo


  1. I want to steal your work stable!! how beautiful! where did you find that?

    I love mine, esp since my mom made the entire thing, but it’s not deep enough most of the time :/

    1. I’ve had the work stable since I’ve been a child. My dad got it for me when I was little so I didn’t have to draw on my carpet anymore :). That’s awesome yours is made by your ma. I wish mine was deeper too since it was made to be a drafting table.


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