Urban Folk Circuit Photos + Support a Local Artist

Last Sunday, Bird Trouble participated in the Urban Folk Circuit market at the Congress Theater. I’m participating in it at the end of this month on the 24th & next month on the 24th. Here are some of the photos from it. I sold an ear warmer to a young girl who was so stoked on her new purchase. I also received a bunch of supportive feedback on my products & display. Honestly, I’m filled with moths from it. Flickering around in me when I think about it. I was so happy. Thanks everyone again.

Chicago Etsy shop owner of Pan-American Knits and a very talented friend of mine, (I call her) Laurie (because I’ve been friends with her for ever)made this looooovely video for her INDIEGOGO to raise funds for her trip to make art & document women’s sustainability in the South American sun. Rad, huh? She is wonderful & has a very inspiring passion for what she loves.

Handmade Book Cover Matchbooks by Pan American Knits

I loved her video and I think you guys will too. If you donate just $6 to her, you get a handmade matchbook with a photo of the First Edition cover of your favorite book on it! Look how neat they are?

Enjoy your weekend! xo, ALEXZ.

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