Friday Favorites Pt. 2

Joey Ramone + Debby Harry ❤

Thank you for the photos : Pony Gold, Sarah Scott Photography,, DRA Gallery (featuring work by an old friend Mike Paro), A Gentle Women, Just Like Honey, & Suicide Watch (one of my favorite Tumblr blogs).


Happy Friday Favorites everyone. I’ve been swamped (hence my absence  with preparing for the Urban Folk Circuit show that I was vending at this past Sunday. It slipped my mind to even post here about it. Bad blogger, Alexz. BAD! Thank you dearly to those who came to visit me to say hi, to support, or to say hi & support. It was such a surprising successful day. The ear warmers that I made have been a huge hit – thank you! I thought the cold was going to keep most away, but ya’ll came & made my day!

I’m there again on February 24th & March 24 too – so mark your calendar! Come check out handmade, the swap-o-rama, and the great Logan Square farmer’s market. xo, ALEXZ.


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