What I Wore Wednesday .02

This was the outfit that I wore to Asian Buffet on Christmas Eve with my family. I found this sweater the Very Best Vintage on Chicago Avenue & Damen in Chicago. The woman working was very sweet and let me quietly make my way through the store (the way I shop best : don’t talk to me! haha) until I set my eyes onto this sweater. It’s a 1960’s wool knit but what I love best about it is the color! Extremely neutral with pops of beige. It’s not too itchy either. I paired it with my vintage retro mini dress because I wanted to feel a little colorful on that day. I have a pair of American Apparel sweater tights that (I wear almost every other day) I paired under my black boots so I can feel comfortable. I’m more of a boots type of girl than heels or wedges or other girly-ness.

For my makeup that day, besides for just doing my typical cat-eye, I added snow-like pigment at my teardrop & exaggerated one of my beauty marks. I only wish that beauty mark by my mouth was that bold. For my hair, I simple just twisted the bottom back, pulled it into a side pony tail and left the top/sides messier since the ends looked so rat-tail scraggly. I love messy hair.

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