{{ I know Christmas talk seems a little late now that it’s a few weeks ahead, but since last Tuesday was New Years Day, I wanted to wait to post this. Our Tuesday Feature posts are going to be called These Days // Tuesday. This Feature is simply where I show what I’ve been doing with my life, these days. It’s where I vent about what’s been happening and show you some of the photos I’ve been taking recently. I hope you enjoy! }}

This Christmas celebration was very quiet but very nice. For the first holiday in a very long time, I spent Xmas eve at my grandparents house. It’s been almost 5 years, if I’m counting correctly. Like I had said, it was quiet because a lot of my family has moved away so it was just 6 of us and italian beef from Portillos (which was delicious!). During the silence of sitting in the living room with my napping grandpa, I reminisced a lot about growing up and I started getting nostalgic about past fun memories with my cousins who are close to my age. They were the closest I had to siblings being the only child but they now live in Nevada. Though I put myself in a funky mood with all the nostalgic thinking, it was nice to be by the family who is here & to know they don’t want me to forget them.

On Xmas day, I had the pleasure to be in the company of my best friend, her boyfriend, and their family. I’ve spent the last few years on Christmas with them and we pretty much decided it should just be made tradition. I feel lucky because they always welcome me into their family since I had grown distant from mine. I can’t forget to mention that they’re hilarious to be around. I just get tipsy with my best friend Christina and we get the girl giggles. All in all, they are great positive company to be around.

Here are some photos from my days. I hope all of you spent some time with loved ones and found some quiet happiness.


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