What I Wore Wednesday.

{{ Welcome to the first What I Wore Wedsneday! The idea beside this weekly feature is pretty much said right there : What I wore. I’ve always been interested in fashion, not just sewing purses. All of my sewing creativity started with growing my own personal style, then followed with fashion design courses, sketching girls in clothing I wanted to make, and then altering pieces I found thrifitng. I respond to dressing myself based on my mood that day, or if I had been inspired by something recently. This is why you will see me dress more retro one day, more grungier the next, all dolled up one day, and the goth-esque the next. Haha. Enjoy! }}

I hope every one enjoyed their New Years night! Next week, I will show what I wore for New Years. Today, I’ll share with you an outfit I put together last week some time! I’ve been inspired by color blocking and keeping a retro feel to my outfits. The shirt I’m wearing here has got to be a 1960’s original vintage tunic. It buttons at the neck but has a tear drop opening at the chest to keep it interesting, just in case the bright color of the shirt isn’t interesting enough. The wool a-line skirt I’m wearing is thrifted and I can easily pair with any shirt, casual or dressed up.

Until next time!

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