NYE // Looking Back at 2012.

Happy New Years eve! I wanted to do a re-cap on my year because holy crap, was 2012 a whirlwind for me. Thinking back at it now, I went through a lot of pretty intense downs but I can remember more ups than those downs. I started 2012 newly single, really heart-broken, and feeling pretty lonely because I had very few friends in my neighborhood and I wanted to find someone who I can be close to after the break up & after some of my best friends had moved away. My head cleared with time and I found ease in the end previous relationship. I’ve become to be very happy with my living location & have started to feel more at home. Our apartment was very bare when I moved in but I am so stoked that within a year, my rooms and our adobe has grown to be the pretty darn cute place that it is.

I had some wild emotions going through me during the Spring time because of some personal family things that were going on. I was in the biggest mental rut with so many questions, confusing thoughts, hurtful thoughts going on in here but as the year went on, time healed, things became to settle in, and I focused on myself to get me through it. No matter how intense, it will move on.

Bird Trouble has sprouted this past year with new fans, new followers, new customers, new friends. I’ve made & sold so many new bags and it still boggles my mind that I can have so many of my one of a kind personal designs to out in the world in someone else’s closet. My heart is filled with happiness that I have support and encouragement. I’ve been learning so much about growing a business, not giving up, being relentless, organizing myself, and staying positive because that support who is around me helps me get through any fears that I’ve come across. 2013 is going to be a milestone for Bird Trouble. 2012 was still only just the beginning.

I’ve become to feel really close to my dog Ty after taking full responsibility of him by myself. He really has become a part of me. He tries every day so well to make me so happy, it’s ridiculously cute. We had some tail amputation trauma, but it was a healthy year for him and hopefully this next one will be too. I’m going to look into getting him some weekly day care this year so that he can release some energy while my work days are long and I am short on play time.

I tried to take advantage of a lot of adventures. I went by myself to visit my friend Anna in Milwaukee & that was well needed for mind-clearing and a fun time. I loved the thrift stores I went to on that trip. It felt good to be around someone who I hadn’t seen in a while. I had gone to Colorado to visit two of my best friends, Dome & Michele. They are my rocks & were there for me all of 2012, even from far. While visiting them, they showed me an amazing time and I remember feeling so small compared to the rest of the world. That’s such a great feeling for me. I did a lot of local adventuring in my very own Chicago & am starting to feel a love this city more than I’ve never felt before. I know it has a lot to do with “Put yourself in good company and you’ll feel at home”.

It seems funny but 2012 is also ending by throwing me another change in my relationship. I probably shouldn’t say sudden because it does makes sense to why it’s coming to an end. I’m in better spirits this year. I know that it takes two lives to click together & to work together, and every human their life in a different way. I am just happy to have had all the experiences I had in 2012 because I learned so many things about myself that I never knew. I feel stronger & more confident in dealing with, well, life. I loved the time spent with those that drive me from the inside out – even if some were short-lived. I want 2013 to be a very loving and caring year for me & those I care about, so I am more than open to let it all soak in and start by letting myself be happy.

Here’s to a new year of relentless work, growth, & gaining love in all areas. Thank you for reading and being a part of my life. I hope you have a very wonderful time celebrating. xo, Alexz.


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